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The company Invest Nord Service Sp z.o.o. was established in 2014. We operate in the shipbuilding, offshore and land industries providing services in the field of hull, pipe work, locksmith and steel constructions. We also make electrical installations and insulation. We hire only qualified employees with various specialties.

Thanks to the selection of competent staff with appropriate qualifications and effective work at the highest level, we have gained the recognition of clients in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Wales, Denmark and Switzerland.

Below we present companies for which we have carried out shipbuilding works, directly or indirectly.

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Participation in the processes of preparing for project implementation. Participation in the process of defining project assumptions and goals. Paving the way / method / manner for the most effective implementation of the entrusted task. Optimization of the cost / time / materials and human resources.

Supervision of employees

Supervision of a qualified team of employees in prefabrication, assembly of pipelines and steel structures. Preparation of areas for work. Performing leak tests on razer, air, raw water, oil, diesel, springler, petrol, ballast system, etc.

Drawings analysis

Analysis of technical and isometric drawings according to the knowledge and experience and providing work instructions to the employees. Correction of potential errors before installing systems on board.

Contact with management

Direct contact with the work / project / contract manager in the scope of setting the work schedule, demand for materials and coordinating tasks for the client.


Preparation of reports for construction management. Preparation for acceptance by Classification Societies. Performing technical inspections

Quality control

Permanent quality control of work (correctness of ship installations, quality control of welding spots)

Cost optimization

Participation in the process of cost and man-hours optimization. Planning of the most efficient use of resources (avoiding material waste).


24-hour supervision of tasks and control over transportation of supplies designated by construction management

Cost estimation

Participation in the estimation of project costs, time (work schedule) and number of people necessary for the timely execution of works

Inspections and Acceptance

Inspections and final acceptance of the performed works.

Correction of errors

Implementing corrections, changes and additions in the event of design errors.

Selection of tools

Selection of tools necessary to complete the project

Logistics - supply

Help in organizing logistics and material supply for our client.

Social space

Organization of social space (housing, insurance, doctors etc.) and logistics subcontractor (transport of people, equipment and materials).

Employee assessment

Individual assessment of employees (skills and commitment) depending on assigned tasks.







We have built a team of qualified employees in many fields and we make every effort to ensure that our staff consists of people with competence and experience in various specialties, such as: pipe work, hull work, steel structures, etc. We employ specialists starting with coordinator and translator, to foreman and inspector of work completion. Our offer includes such

services as: prefabrication and installation of pipes on ships, platforms and on the constructions and repairs of ship hulls, construction and reconstruction, ship’s locksmiths, ship’s electrics, in-door pipe insulation and installation of ventilation ducts. Construction and reconstruction of steel structures and pipelines of the land industry. In addition to shipyards, we also work in the field of electricity and insulation.

Electrical work


design and determination of cable routes

potting cable penetrations

potting and closing cable penetrations

system installation

connecting all monitoring systems with control cabinets by motors and small switches, sockets, lamps, thermostats


laying and binding new cables

Insulation work

surface protection

protection of flat surfaces, pipelines and flues in the scope of thermal, fire and sound insulation

insulation for land industry

insulation of pipelines, ventilation ducts and chambers

full range of insulation services

insulation of pipelines, ventilation ducts and chambers

Hull works

burning of the elements

burning of given elements for transport purposes or as a result of collision


advice on the construction and reconstruction of the hull with supervision

tightness tests

performing leakage tests in tanks, preparation for acceptance and quality control

welding of units

complete welding of ship sections, preparation for acceptance in accordance with given standards, quality control of welding joints

construction and repair of ship hulls

complete assembly of the section including prefabrication, assembly of various types of metal sheets (steel, stainless steel, aluminum), reconstruction and modernization of ship hulls, replacement and assembly of new hull elements

Pipe work

works on all systems

work on all ship systems: fuel, cooling, sprinkling, fire-fighting, heating, oil, fresh and technical water, sanitary, combustion, ballast, etc.

Consulting and planning

system design, consulting and full implementation of documentation from conceptual design to delivery documentation in all types of ships


modernization, renovation and construction of new piping systems

tightness tests

tightness tests of all types of pipes and tanks

prefabrication of pipelines

prefabrication of black, stainless steel, CuNiFe'ru pipelines

assembly and welding works

Specialized assembly and welding works including supervision for the maritime industry, offshore and land industry centers

Locksmith works

surface preparation

surface preparation for welding of given elements

locksmith works

assembly of equipment elements (frames, brackets, foundations, ladders)

hull elements

construction and repairs of all hull elements

Production and assembly of steel structures


We produce: aviation sleeves, steel structures, supports for pipes, supporting structures, technical containers, industrial stairs, technical stairs, evacuation stairs, spiral stairs, stairs to tanks, technical ladders, staircases, steel platforms, stair steps and landings, railings and steel railings, steel stairs, power poles, acoustic screens, containers

assembly and transport

Comprehensive execution of welded steel structures (including custom-made projects), transport to the place of implementation, assembly. We have complete machinery for the implementation of the investment, including means of transport, cranes, lifts.

non-destructive testing

The tests are carried out by the International Welding Engineer (IWE) together with a team of designers,
technologists, certified welders with permissions, including specialists in the field of
carrying out non-destructive testing using the VT2, UT2, UTT and MT2 methods. Non-destructive tests are used to check the condition of steel structures under construction. Based on the results, the quality of their workmanship, the level of safety and the estimated durability and susceptibility to damage resulting from operation are assessed. We carry out acoustic emission (AT), eddy current (ET), tightness (LT), magnetic particle (MT), penetration (PT), radiographic (RT), ultrasonic (UT), visual (VT) tests


Together with a certified external company and a technical director for implementation and certification, we carry out a technical inspection. We carry out a full range of NDT and DT testing for projects carried out in Poland and abroad.

painting and galvanizing

Painting steel structures Standard EN ISO 12944 and Standard EN ISO 8501, as well as the implementation of anti-corrosion protection by subjecting them to the process of hot dip galvanizing - Directive DAS 022.

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